Obion County Board of Education
October 1, 2018

Agenda Item: VII.G.

Consider/Approve Amendment to Board Policy #5.118 – Background Investigations

Background Information:

Public Chapter 1006 requires district employees to undergo background checks at least once every five years after the date of hire and districts to perform background checks on contract workers and volunteers. These new requirements to Board Policy #5.118 – Background Investigations are in addition to the background checks that are already mandated for applicants for teaching positions and any other positions that require proximity to children. Additionally, TSBA added information regarding checking with the Department of Children's Services and the state's vulnerable person's registry to these policies to highlight the district's responsibility in this area. The Board’s current policy is included for your reference.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the above-noted amendment to Board Policy #5.118 for final reading.