Obion County Board of Education
November 4, 2013

Agenda Item: VI.C.

Consider/Approve Adoption of Board Policy #3.208 – Facilities Planning

Background Information:

This policy was updated to include the federal statutory requirement that all school districts have an asbestos management plan for each school, including all buildings leased, owned, or otherwise used as school buildings, and to maintain and update the plan to keep it current with ongoing operations and maintenance, periodic surveillance, inspection, re-inspection, and response action activities. In addition, this recommended policy sets forth the statutory duties delegated to the director of schools.

The Board does not have a policy addressing facilities planning; therefore, this will be the initial adoption. On line 1, the annual assessment of facility needs should be completed prior to the adoption of the annual operating budget. Therefore, I recommend that the month be changed to May to ensure that facility needs are included in the annual budget.

As far as the section on Asbestos, our facilities are asbestos free. However, to comply with federal and state regulations, we are compiling the required information and will have the information available at Central Office, at the Maintenance Shop, and at all schools. In addition, we will continue to provide the public notices on our website and in our student handbooks. Once adopted, I will appoint an Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) manager.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend the Board adopt Board Policy #3.208 – Facilities Planning on first reading.