Obion County Board of Education
November 4, 2013

Agenda Item: VI.A.

Consider/Approve Adoption of Board Policy #3.207 – Energy Use and Conservation and
Related Budget Amendment

Background Information:

On October 3, 2013, I entered into a contract, which will be funded by a non-matching state grant (meaning 100% state funded), with Mechanical Resource Group (MRG) to implement on ongoing energy management program. Over the course of the next year, MRG will consult with us to meet the minimum implementation requirements to receive additional grant funding. Once we meet the minimum requirements, we will become eligible to receive additional grant funding from the Energy Efficient Schools Council (EESC). As part of the minimum criteria for receiving additional grant funding, the Board must adopt an energy management/conservation policy that includes the protection of indoor environmental quality (all criteria for receiving additional grant funding are listed on the Energy Management Grant Proposal under Background).  As part of the policy, the Board is taking a proactive stance to reinvest in the facilities to continue developing energy conservation strategies and upgrade equipment.

This contract will be paid for, in totality, with state grant funds. MRG will prepare and submit all invoices for reimbursement; however, we will have to account for the funds through the District’s General Purpose School Fund budget. As such, the attached budget amendment is submitted for Board approval. Once approved, I will forward to the County’s Budget Committee for approval, as well as the County Commission.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend adoption, on first reading, of Board Policy #3.207 – Energy Use and Conservation. Additionally, I recommend adoption of the attached budget amendment to implement this policy..