Obion County Board of Education
April 7, 2014
2nd Reading

Agenda Item: VII.A.

Consider/Approve Adoption of Board Policy #6.413-Prevention and Treatment of Sports Related Concussions

Background Information:

Policy 6.413-Prevention and Treatment of Sports Related Concussions was developed to comply with a new law,  T.C.A. §68-55-502, which requires all school districts that sponsor student athletic activities to adopt guidelines and other pertinent information (as approved by the Tennessee Department of Health) to inform and educate everyone involved with athletic programs about the nature, risk, and symptoms of concussions and head injuries. In addition, school districts are required to develop a policy requiring the immediate removal of any student athlete who shows signs, symptoms, and/or behaviors consistent with a concussion during an athletic activity or competition. This policy is statutorily required to prohibit the student athlete from resuming athletic activity or competition until he/she is evaluated and receives written clearance from a healthcare provider. In addition, this recommended policy sets forth the statutory duties delegated to the director of schools.

Staff Recommendation:

We recommend adoption of Board Policy #6.413-Prevention and Treatment of Sports Related Concussions on second and final reading.