Obion County Board of Education
June 3, 2013

Agenda Item: VIII.J.

Consider Request from the Obion County Central Quarterback Club to Pay a Coaching Supplement

Background Information:

On May 15, 2013, a request was received from the president of the OCCHS Quarterback Club requesting permission to pay a coaching supplement to Jeff Lamb. According to the request, the supplement will be paid to the Board on a monthly basis and further asks that the Board pay the funds to Coach Lamb each month. Compliance with the following policies/bylaws must be insured:

The Tennessee Internal School Uniform Accounting Policy Manual, which has been adopted by the Board of Education, Section 5, Title 6, provides, “Any supplemental compensation owed to board of education employees for extracurricular activities must be processed through the director of schools’ office in the same manner as salary and other payroll payments.”

TSSAA bylaws, Article 1, §9(h), provides that “Coaches must be paid entirely from funds approved by either the board of education, … Director of Schools, or the Principal of the school.” In Tennessee, the Board of Education must approve, within the budget, salaries and supplements for all system employees; therefore, the Director of Schools nor the Principal has final authority to approve salaries and supplements for coaches.

Obion County Board of Education Policy #5.110, provides, “Salaries of all employees, including substitute and supplemental pay, shall be paid by the Board. No payment to any employee for service performed on behalf of the school system shall be made from any source other than the Board.  Salaries and supplements may be paid from revenue derived from sources other than taxes, provided the revenue is deposited with and salaries paid through the Board.”

The request from the OCCHS Quarterback Club was made to stay in compliance with the above-noted policies/bylaws. TCA §49-2-603 (4)(A) provides that the “primary purpose” of a school support organization “is to support a school district, school, school club, or academic, arts, athletic or social activities related to a school, that collects or receives money, materials, property or securities from students, parents or members of the general public.”

Staff Recommendation:

It is within the discretion of the Board to allow this supplement to be paid. If approved, the funds will be paid to Coach Lamb as soon as possible after receipt of the funds from the OCCHS Quarterback Club.