Obion County Board of Education
December 5, 2011

Agenda Item: VIII.E.

Consider/Approve Resolution in Support of Appointed Superintendents

Background Information:

In preparation for the upcoming legislative session of the General Assembly, TSBA has requested for school boards to consider a series of resolutions. After meeting with Chairman Rainey, it was agreed to place each resolution on the Board’s agenda. The attached resolution is in support of appointed superintendents. The resolution sets forth various reasons as to why board-appointed superintendents are preferred over elected superintendents and encourages the Tennessee General Assembly to place the interest of students above any other by recognizing the value of appointed superintendents and rejecting any attempt to revert to superintendent elections.

Staff Recommendation:

Although totally within the Board’s discretion as to whether to approve or reject this resolution, in my opinion, regardless of the System or who is appointed as superintendent, the method of appointing superintendents by the board is far superior over the election of superintendents. I recommend approval of the resolution in support of appointed superintendents.