Obion County Board of Education
May 7, 2012

Agenda Item: IX.L.

Consider Amendment to Board Policy #5.801 – Director of Schools Recruitment and Selection

Background Information:

TSBA has recommended an amendment to Board Policy #5.801 – Director of Schools Recruitment and Selection. This policy has been updated to remove the “super majority” requirement for voting to reflect the legal requirements for votes by Boards. According to TSBA, the presence of a “super majority” requirement in this policy has led to some confusion over what is legally required (a simple majority) and what is recommended as a best practice (obtaining a consensus). While Boards are not under any obligation to change policy, the revised policy does better reflect the law.

Current Board Policy in #4 provides that the Board will attempt to select a director by unanimous vote, but a two-thirds vote of the membership shall be required (“super majority”). In other words, five (5) of seven (7) members must agree upon a director. As a director and in my opinion only, current Board Policy is sound and should be left intact.

Staff Recommendation:

I have no recommendation since the selection of a director and policy are at the discretion of the Board.