Obion County Board of Education
November 1, 2010

Agenda Item: VII.

Consider/Approve Amendment to Handbook for Interscholastic Sports

Background Information:

The Athletic Advisory Committee was duly formed upon the adoption by the Board of the Obion County Schools Handbook for Interscholastic Sports. The Committee is composed of (1) one member of the Board of Education, each school’s athletic administrator, and the director of schools and/or his designee. Mr. Fritz Fussell represents the Board and Mr. Craig Rogers is the director’s designee. This Committee meets five (5) times annually. The Committee’s purpose, among other things, is “to review the athletic program manual and recommend revisions and/or updates that will keep the manual aligned with the TSSAA rules and regulations” and Board policy. To this end, the Committee, by unanimous vote, makes the following recommendation:

Beginning on page 29 under the title “Heat Index,” strike all of this section down to “Thunder and Lightning Position Statement” and replaced with “The Obion County School System will follow TSSAA’s Heat Policy, which can be found at, including modifications for competition.”

The TSSAA Board of Control requires a heat policy for all its member schools. The requirements of the policy include adjustments which must be made for activities depending on the heat index at the location where the activities take place. The TSSAA Heat policy is the minimum standard that member schools must follow. The TSSAA Heat policy will prohibit schools from practicing or competing when the heat index at the location of the activity is in excess of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Staff Recommendation:

On behalf of the Athletic Committee, I recommend approval of the amendment set forth above on second and final reading.