Obion County Board of Education
October 5, 2009

Agenda Item: VIII.D.

Consider/Approve Bids for Classroom Presentation Project,
Request to Declare Technology Equipment Surplus, and
Dispose Via Most Economical Method

Background Information:

The current year’s budget contains funding for year two (2) to upgrade technology at our elementary schools. This is a local grant of funds to complement the GIFTS grants.  After a review of teacher applications from each school, the following schools will receive technology equipment for instruction in its classrooms:


# of Classrooms

Black Oak Elementary

Six (6) Classrooms

Hillcrest Elementary

Six (6) Classrooms

Lake Road Elementary

Six (6) Classrooms

Ridgemont Elementary

Six (6) Classrooms

South Fulton Elementary

Six (6) Classrooms

We project the total cost per classroom will approximate one thousand two hundred fifty-one dollars ($1,251.00), which is an increase over the prior year of approximately sixty-eight dollars ($68). Thirty (30) classrooms will cost approximately thirty-seven thousand, five hundred twenty-three dollars ($37,523.00).  The System’s five-year plan provides for the implementation of technology equipment in every elementary school classroom.

In addition to advertising, we solicited bids from Integrated Computer Solutions, PCS, and CDWG for the purchase of the classroom presentation equipment, which is budgeted in the FY10 General Purpose School Fund budget. We received bids from for those companies for whom bids were solicited and all bids are summarized on the accompanying chart.


In conjunction with the above-noted project, the Technology Department requests the Board to declare surplus computer equipment that will no longer be of use to the System. As the new classroom presentation equipment is installed, there will be approximately 150 old IBM compatible machines and monitors that will be taken out of use. We estimate that the salvage value of these items is not in excess of the value specified in TCA §49-6-2007(d)(1), which provides, “Surplus personal property in local school systems which has no value or has a value less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250), may be disposed of without the necessity of bids as required by this section.” Therefore, we would like to dispose of them via recycling, which will be no cost to the System.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the bids as indicated by the highlights on the accompanying chart. I recommend that the Board declare the above-noted technology items surplus and approve the disposition via the most economical method, recycling.