Obion County Board of Education
April 13, 2009

Agenda Item: VII.

Consider/Approve Handbook for Interscholastic Sports - Policies and Procedures

Background Information:

The Handbook for Interscholastic Sports – Policies and Procedures is presented for the Board’s consideration. This Manual can be accessed by section as follows:

Through mutual cooperation of Mr. Powell, school athletic administrators, and coaches, this manual represents the first step in defining our mission and provides consistent polices and procedures for our extracurricular programs. This handbook is designed and intended to serve as a guide to the extracurricular activities offered in the schools. It has been written to ensure uniformity in the conduct of all sports and to serve as a basis for periodic re-evaluation of the total program. All athletic administrators and coaches have had the opportunity to read the manual, recommend changes, and provide input into the development of this Manual. Prior to the first reading in March, I met with the two (2) high school athletic administrators, who solicited final input from the middle school athletic administrators, to ensure that everyone was in agreement with the Manual. The policies and procedures contained within the Manual will become effective July 1, 2009. Annually, the policies and procedures will be reviewed and updated for problems/concerns that were not anticipated during the first writing. The only changes made since the first reading are grammatical corrections. No content was materially changed.

Staff Recommendation:

I, along with Mr. Powell, athletic administrators, and coaches, recommend approval of the Handbook for Interscholastic Sports – Policies and Procedures on second and final reading.