Obion County Board of Education
February 2, 2009

Agenda Item: VIII.B.

Consider/Approve Resolution Affirming Support for Appointed Superintendents

Background Information:

Each year since the passage of the Education Improvement Act, legislation has been introduced in the General Assembly to allow counties to revert to the process of electing school superintendents. TSBA sent a sample resolution to Board chairmen across the state urging adoption by school boards. Mr. Williams suggested adding the attached resolution to the agenda. Many boards across the state have addressed this issue by adopting resolutions similar to the one for your consideration. School boards in Tennessee have been appointing superintendents for the past 17 years and many believe that this process has brought about greater flexibility, more accountability, and better cooperation in the working relationships between the Board and superintendent.

Staff Recommendation:

The Board's due consideration is requested in the passage of this Resolution.