Internet Use Policy

This document describes the responsibilities of publishers on the Obion County School System Web site and provides guidelines for the publishing of home pages and other electronic documents.

The Internet is a worldwide system of networks that permits the posting and retrieval of information possible for anyone who has a computer and some type of Internet connection. The Obion County School System publishes information on the Internet through its Web site that is of interest to the employees of the school system, parents, students and community members.

Obion County Web Publishers
Potential electronic publishers include all students and employees of the Obion County School System. The publishing guidelines described below apply to both groups.

Publishing Guidelines
All content published via the Obion County School System Web site must comply with the following guidelines.

  • All publications must comply with all policies and regulations of the district, state, federal and international laws concerning copyright, intellectual property and use of computers.
  • All electronic publications must reside under the authority of the school system Webmaster. All content must be appropriate, decent, and not intended to offend, harass or demean groups or individuals.
  • Correct grammar and spelling must be used.
  • Publications must include a statement of copyright, when appropriate, and indicate that permission has been secured in order to include copyrighted material.
  • Factual information must be verifiable.
  • Publications must be linked to the Obion County School System home page.
  • The date created and the date last updated are required on all publications.
  • The e-mail address of the person maintaining the page must be included.
  • No commercial use is permitted (advertisements, business logos, etc.)
  • All publications must be reviewed and approved by the school system Webmaster or designated personnel.

Design and Implementation

Pages for publication may be designed by individual students, teachers and appropriate groups.

The content of the pages is left to the discretion of the designers so long as they comply with the stated publishing guidelines and receive approval of the appropriate authorities.

The pages to be published must be reviewed and approved by the school principal and the system Webmaster.

The page designer is responsible for ensuring that publications are updated as necessary to maintain accurate and current content. This includes regular review, testing and/or modification of all links and the removal of any documents that become inaccurate or irrelevant.


The Webmaster or designated personnel in the Obion County School System will provide assistance as requested in the design and development of electronic documents. In addition, the Webmaster will monitor all Obion County School System electronic publications.

Internet documents published by students and teachers will normally reside on the school system server (at the central office). The Webmaster or designated personnel is responsible for maintaining the integrity and recoverability of the electronically posted documents.

Documents intended for publishing on the Obion County School System server must be formatted using standard hypertext markup language (html) and transferred to the Webmaster for implementation.