District Personnel

Last Name First Name Position Extension
Aaron Carla
Barbour Timothy
Buchanan Rebecca Administrative Assistant ext. 2012
Burns John Mechanic ext. 3011
Carney Linda Finance Director ext. 2040
Davis Russell Director of Schools ext. 2010
Denman Judy Foodservice Supervisor ext. 2026
Dodson Mary Special Education Supervisor ext. 2025
Enochs Jonathan
Gansert April Food Service Secretary ext. 2013
Graham Phil Supervisor of Maintenance ext. 2052
Hamilton Nancy Assistant Director of Schools ext. 2022
Hayslett Vikki Elementary Supervisor of Instruction ext. 2023
Hollowell Dale Assistant Director of Schools ext. 2021
Homra Chastity Director of Coordinated School Health and Co-Supervisor of Nursing ext. 2038
Jowers Jessica Administrative Assistant-Maintenance Dept. ext. 2050
Kendall Julie Database Administrator, Student Management ext. 2039
Leake George Supervisor of CTE and Alternative Education; 504 Coordinator ext. 2051
Lewis Joseph Technology Coordinator ext. 2033
Maynard Tim Transportation Supervisor ext. 3010
Mealer Carrie Administrative Assistant Transportation Department ext. 3000
Morphis Derrick
Patterson Kathy Accounts Payable/Purchasing/ESP Bookkeeper ext. 2041
Preuett Travis Mechanic ext. 3011
Rainey Cynthia Special Education Assistant Supervisor ext. 2035
Scillion Lesa Instructional Supervisor Grades 4-8/Federal Programs Director ext. 2024
Southerland Danah Payroll/Finance Department Assistant ext. 2042
Stephens Adam RTI Coordinator/Data Coach ext. 2011
Terry Diane Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary ext. 2010